Combating Piracy Starts With You

A few days ago we made a post about whether making more content accessible and affordable could stop online piracy. Whereas Kickass Aussies Want More think that this is the case, representatives of Creative Content Australia seem to disagree.

We personally think that both are really valid points, but this debate can go on forever and ever. The fact is, no matter what measures are corporations and government bodies are taking to reduce piracy, ultimately the choice is ours. We choose to involving ourselves in torrenting content, and thus, we too have the choice to stop this engaging in this behaviour.

Creative content is not only an art, but also an industry and job. If we aren’t funding this industry, who eventually will? Let’s take the burger industry for example; this industry has grown majorly in Australia, with each burger joint constantly innovating their own burgers to make them more delicious and competitive in the market. If we were to stop paying for our burgers, will burger makers improve or continue to make burgers?

The fact is, we are only able to enjoy films, TV shows and music because content creators have an incentive, a reward for creating new and appealing pieces. Independent producers are attracted to the industry, and the appeal of being able to create content as an occupation. If we keep pirating, what incentive are we giving content creators?

If we would like to enjoy new, innovative and exciting content, it is important that we pay to support our favourite artists. Just because piracy is the easier option, it doesn’t mean its right. It is time for us to make the active choice to combat pirating. Combatting piracy needs to be stopped and it starts with you!


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