Research before you purchase!

Similar to the music industry, there are heaps of blogs and websites who are sharing useful reviews and updates in the TV and film industry. If you’re not sure what you should watch, you can read all about it before illegally downloading it just to check it out! These services are there for a reason and you’ll be helping out all the content creators as well. We’ve pulled up a few of the many review sites and blogs out there. With so many out there is there really an excuse to keep torrenting?

 Rotten Tomatoes
First of all I’m sure most of you are already very familiar with Rotten Tomatoes. This site provides ratings and reviews for new films and TV shows and is often referenced in articles and other promotional pieces. Although Rotten Tomatoes has recently copped some slack over the credibility of their ratings, there’s no denying that the site is still valuable in giving an idea of what to watch. It’s a great way to get informed before paying to watch or download a movie!
Rotten Tomatoes Website:

TV tonight
If you’re looking for some Australian content reviews, check out TV tonight. This is Australia’s leading TV blog, which provides reviews and suggestions on the latest domestic content, as well as international content available in Australia. The site also keeps you updated with what new shows have been added Netflix, Stan and Presto, so that you get the most value out of what you’re paying for!
TV tonight Website:

News sites
Most newspapers have a TV or film blog with feature articles about what is trending. Personally, our favourite is SBS. They’ve got some pretty good movie reviews and a great twitter that you can follow to keep yourself updated!
SBS Twitter:


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  1. What about renting the movie off YouTube or iTunes?


  2. Thanks for the recommendations !! ^_^


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