Sharing is caring, stealing is not!

Wondering what type of new music or show to watch next? Think you’ll just pirate a few to check it out? Don’t! There are plenty of different blogs and websites that you can get information from on the latest music, films and TV shows before you engage in illegal downloading.

The following are some of the most popular music sites that we found:


Pitchfork is the staple site to use to keep updated with the music industry. The site posts articles on the newest releases, collaborations, and even reviews on what is worth and not worth purchasing! The site includes all different type of music, ranging from pop to jazz, or rap to experimental. Our suggestion is to check out Pitchfork Radio or Pitchfork Podcast to get a feel for what music you like before you purchase!

Visit the Pitchfork site:




If you’re looking for the services that Pitchfork provides but with a different perspective, check out the Official Charts website, Facebook and Twitter. They also give you reviews on the latest music releases, sneaky EP’s that you’re favourite artist has dropped, as well as what’s topping the charts. This is a good way of knowing what’s trending to better inform your music purchase.

Visit the Official Chart site:




Apart from these, there are various blogs that are reviewing and sharing the latest music. Often you can find ones for specific types of music if that’s what you prefer! Here are some of the ones we’ve been checking out.

Line of best fit:

Pop and On:


Gorilla vs Bear:

Aquarium Drunkard:

These sites promote what our campaign stand for. It’s important that we share music insights and preferences and not steal them. #sharingiscaringstealingisnot #combat piracy.


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  1. We always forget that piracy actually affects the original owner.


  2. Wow! Thank you so much for this ! I will definitely look into each of these 🙂


  3. Love this post, actually so informative!


  4. Thanks for all those sites! That is super useful, I’ll be using them from now on


  5. Ooooh, never heard of pitchfork before


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