Netflix isn’t the only place you can stream your entertainment

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Just like our music streaming services, there are also paid streaming services for movies and TV shows in Australia. These provide ways to watch some of the latest TV shows and movies, as well as options produced originally just for these streaming services. Although most of us have only heard of Netflix in Australia, there are other options that can be explored, including Presto and Stan.


Netflix is the latest of the three streaming services to reach Australia. It offers three options for consumers, a basic package at $8.99, one that lets you stream on two devices at $11.99 and a premium package at $14.99. Out of the three, Netflix can be streamed on the largest amount of devices because it has the biggest global reach. It is also a leader in original shows, so if you’re looking for your favourites and some bonus new choices, Netflix might be your way to go.


Presto offers either TV or movie streaming for $9.99, or both for $14.99. Presto has different contractual agreements to Netflix and Stan, meaning if your favourite show cannot be found on the other two, maybe have a go at Presto. Presto provides exclusive access to shows like True Detective, Boardwalk Empire, Entourage and more. So if you’re a fan of HBO, maybe Presto is the streaming service for you.


Stan is the cheapest out of the three, going at $10 a month. Stan is only available in Australia but is already offering a vast amount of original shows. With Presto and Netflix being the more mainstream providers, Stan is the leader in providing art films and world cinema.

Each service has their own deal with different networks, entitling them to different shows at an extremely affordable price, so do the trial and see how you go! Paying $15 for entertainment over paying nothing may seem like a lot. However, subscriptions can be cancelled at any time, and you may even like the new shows you will become exposed to.

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  1. Have been using Presto and it is awesome! Let’s combat piracy!!


  2. I love my Netflix, not even expensive definitely would recommend!


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