Paying for Music is more affordable than you think

Showing support for our creative industries has now become as easy as ever. The rise of paid stream services for music, film and TV shows have made obtaining your entertainment sources cheaper than they were ever before.

Here are some affordable alternatives to pirating music:

Spotify is a music streaming service where you can listen and download millions of songs across various devices. Apart from the likes of Taylor Swift, you can pretty much find any song on Spotify! The service works on a monthly subscription where you pay $11.99 a month for unlimited streaming and downloading of music. So basically, you’re forfeiting a meal a month to pay for your music. Doesn’t sound so bad right? If you have a few family members on Spotify you can also opt for the Spotify Family option. This is $17.99 for up to 6 members, which means you can be paying only $3 a month for unlimited music.

If you don’t like the black and green color scheme of Spotify, not to worry. Apple Music offers a similar service for the same price, as well as a family option. Both services offer free trials, with Apple’s free month trial extending to 3 months. If you can’t find your music on Spotify, give Apple Music a go!

This is just a small step for us, but a big step in the road to combatting piracy! Let’s get behind it. #combatpiracy

To find out more about Spotify:
To find out more about Apple Music:


2 Comments Add yours

  1. mmmm that’s true, i guess Spotify family package will have to do for now 😀 It’s an great deal!!!


  2. Before getting Spotify premium I always thought I’d never pay for music. But now that I have it I realised that IT IS affordable and great 🙂 Thanks for raising awareness to how piracy isn’t the way to go!


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