Who is Creative Content Australia?

Creative Content Australia is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to raising awareness about the impact of piracy and the value of screen content. The organisation conducts regular research, create free online educational resources for Australian schools and produce campaigns against piracy.

The organisation focuses on the sustainability of our screen industries, something that we at Combat Piracy aim to achieve! Research from Creative Content Australia has busted myths and better informed the community, whilst their campaigns have offered supported the sustainability of our TV and film industries.

Creative Content Australia keep us updated with the latest news in regards to Intellectual Property events, new government initiatives, and the latest local big project. The organisation has provided lots of useful information, from guides to find new movies and TV shows to educational material for schools.

These educational resources are aimed at aiding primary and high school teachers in teaching the importance of on screen copyright and the contribution that illegal downloading has on our society.

At Creative Content Australia, it is understood that supporting the creative content industry ensures that quality content continues to be provided. Less money in the industry means less innovation and less entertaining content for our community to enjoy.

Creative Content Australia has played a significant part in the fight against piracy. Let’s get behind them!

Here’s a link to their latest campaign: https://vimeo.com/126751101

Find more about the organisation here: http://www.creativecontentaustralia.org.au/home


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  1. It’s great that theres someone out there doing this. If we don’t support the creatives they can no longer create the content we love so much


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