5 reasons why we should support the creative arts

  1. The creative arts is an industry. There are businesses, employees and consumers involved. Supporting our local artists is an investment into jobs, tax revenue and advances our creativity- based economy!
  2. The Arts have a significant impact on tourism. Arts and culture events attract tourists from all over the world, and are often the reason why they extend their stay. In the US, arts and culture events have increased the stay of tourists annually over the last 6 years.  We need to support our local artists to drive the success of our creative industry.
  3. Creative arts improve academic performance. A study of 25 000 students in the US demonstrated that an education rich in the arts have led to higher standardised test score and lower drop-out rates. Arts subjects have motivated an improvement in attention skills and memory retrieval that can also be applied to other academic subject areas like math and science.
  4. Our health and well-being depend on the arts. Health care institutions provide arts programming for patients, families and even staff. Studies in the US show that 78% of these programmes are delivered because they lead to healing benefits for patients, including shorter hospital stays and less medication.
  5. The creative arts inspire us. Music and film help us express our values. They bridge differences between cultures and bring people together no matter what ethnicity, religion or age.

The creative arts provide so many benefits to our society. Supporting this industry allows content creators to continue creating content that will benefit the community as a whole. An investment into the creative arts is an investment into our wider community.


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  1. These reasons are right on point


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