Save our Indie Cinema

When you think of online piracy, what comes to your mind first? Game of Thrones? Taylor Swift? Both these are multi-million dollar entities and you may think that an illegal download here and there will not have that much of an effect.

However, the reality is, these are not the only ones affected. The real victims in Australia are the right holders of independent films. For example, Aussie film The Sapphires, was the 46th most downloaded show out of 100 in 2013. Being first released in cinema, The Sapphires was the top grossing Australian film, taking in $14.5 million in sales at the box office. In 2013 it began attracting a vast amount of illegal downloads, totalling to 123 000 worldwide and a revenue of $1million.

Another example is 100 Bloody Acres, which was illegally downloaded more than it was viewed in the cinema. In Australia, the film made around $18356, which totalled to 1300 viewers, but received 57870 illegal downloads within the first month. Research from CEG TEK demonstrated that illegal downloads constituted to a loss of $434000 in box office sales.

These two demonstrate that Australian films have a large potential, but are not being appreciated in a way that will support the industry. If people stole more donuts than the amount that was bored, would you expect to the donut store to keep running? Who will support our film industry if we don’t?


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  1. This is a really good point and an important campaign – it’ll always be the smaller operations of any industry that suffer over piracy, and we definitely need to support independent film if we want diverse voices and interesting storytelling!


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