Online Piracy is NOT Free Advertising


Online piracy sites have claimed that they are a means of providing free advertising on independent creator content, but do they actually bring incoming links for the artist?

Content creators have found that instead of increasing traffic to their content, pirate ‘advertising’ have diverted these away and instead cost artists millions of views annually. Many of these artists are not big corporations or celebrities, but middle class workers trying to find a source of income from content creation.

Many online pirating sites act as a publisher for content but have had no responsibility towards the piece of work from the arts. On top of this, takedown notices are often ignored with many independent creators unable to sue.

Cartoonist and illustrator Colleen Doran expressed that pirate sites were difficult to compete with as they aggregate content in ways that creators cant. Pirate sites are able to gather many types of content and provide viewers and readers with 1 page with all the type of entertainment you want.

If we continue to gather out content from pirate sites are we giving our independent creators much incentive to keep creating entertainment for us to view? What other avenue’s to they have if not the internet? Who will support them if we we will not?


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