What you need to know about online piracy

1. Following the finale of Game of Thrones, Australians were leaders in downloading the last episode, accounting for 18%, followed by the US at 14.5% and the UK at 9.3%.

2. Combatting online piracy goes beyond stopping people from downloading content online. Yes, it is true that the most active online pirates in Australia are those ages 18-24 (IP Awareness Foundation 2015), but these are not the only people benefitting from pirated content. Many online pirates are sharing illegally downloaded content to their parents, or older relatives, who are mostly unaware of how this content is obtained.

3. Following the Dallas Buyer’s Club case last year, a code which would allow Australian Internet Service Providers to send out warnings to those who were participating online piracy. However, this was eventually abandoned due to disagreements and discrepancies on how the scheme would be funded.

4. Since the launch of Netflix in Australia, there has been a total of the 4% total decrease of pirates in Australia from 2014 to 2015.  33% of these have claimed that they have turned to paying for streaming services (IP Awareness 2015). Although this is a step in the right direction, piracy still remains high in Australia.




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  1. We definitely need to raise more awareness in this issue !! This is not acceptable 😦


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